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10 Reasons why You Should Use Video Marketing, why use video marketing, video content marketing, benefits of video marketing entrepreneur friend

Why Use Video Marketing For Your Business and Online Content?

The following short review summarises the Top 10 Reasons why you need to use Video Marketing.

It is something, you should absolutely adopt in your Content Marketing Strategy.

Increasingly Video Marketing has become one of the most important, and effective ways to advertise and share online content, with your audience wherever you are in the world.

Just like its predecessor (Email Marketing) in its heydays, Video Marketing is definitely something not to be ignored with.

It is said nearly 500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every single minute, worldwide.

These are lots of videos, for you and me!

Can you imagine how gigantic YouTube storage capacity on the cloud is?

I am sure you don’t want to be left behind when everyone else is way ahead of the competition.

I created the above video using the very same software called Vidnami recently bought by Godaddy.

It allowed me to select different audio formats.

You could record your own voice, choose the music only option or select any male or female voice from your preferred country/accent and assign it to your video.

Noble Samurai, the company that developed the software (Vidnami) did a great job with the video marketing tool, however, I felt they could have improved a bit on the artificial intelligence voiceovers.

At times, the words come off as a bit robotic as you may have noticed from my featured video.

Overall I think it was a great tool and I hope they will come back with a much better version in the near future.

It certainly solved the problems for many business owners like myself, who are not too experienced with face to face videos.

Once you did your research and prepared your script, you were ready to go.

So why should you consider using Video Content Marketing for your business, profession, entertainment or pleasure?

Well … it is because:

  1. Video marketing attracts huge eyeballs to your online content.
  2. Most online viewers prefer videos.
  3. Video content marketing has a high retention value compare to text.
  4. It offers high engagements and is mostly used for entertainment, educational or business purposes.
  5. It is the best visual content tool for marketing & promoting your business.
  6. It increases brand awareness.
  7. It easily drives organic traffic to your online content.
  8. It allows you to find engaged customers and leads for your business.
  9. It boosts your conversion rates.
  10. It’s easy to consume & digest and is liked by many marketers and consumers.

There you have it…

10 Reasons why you should use Video Marketing in your Content Marketing strategy for your business, pleasure or any other purpose.

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