4 Outstanding Rewarding Ways: To Build And Leave a Lasting Legacy

What is it that you aspire to be?

4 outstanding and rewarding ways to build and leave a lasting legacy, make a difference , serve humanity, make contribution, rabia haji founder of entrepreneur friend

What are the best recommended rewarding ways to build and leave a lasting legacy for yourself?

Have you ever given serious consideration to the type of contribution and legacy you would like to make and leave for your self, family and the world?

Is it something you think about it or has the thought never ever crossed your mind?

As an entrepreneur, I am sure you have many aspirations besides making money.

There had to be an underlying reason or reasons as to why you decided to start an internet business and become a business owner.

The reasons could have come about because you ultimately wanted to improve your quality of life and create for yourself a financially free lifestyle, which is awesome.

Everyone I know wants a bit of the same thing.

I will be the first one to admit and I say I am no different.  I want a piece of the cake too.

In my other blog post, I kind of alluded to some of these reasons as to why you may want to become an entrepreneur.

These are noble and well-founded reasons for most folks like you and me.

As a matter of fact, most of us have gone into business precisely because we have:

  • A need to fulfill or
  • A problem to overcome or
  • A state of affair to improve

So far so so good…

I would like to think we are in agreement here and there are no contradictions in our thinking.

But what If I ask you a number of hypothetical questions?

The Ideal LifeStyle

Having created the ideal lifestyle you wanted and finally made it, meaning you have become so successful at least as far as materialistic gains are concerned.

You no longer have to worry about yours or your family’s survival.

You have arrived at your destination so to speak and have achieved all that you ever wanted.


Imagine you have all:
  • The condos
  • The houses
  • The dream cars
  • The endless vacations
  • The money in the banks
  • Trust funds set for the kids
  • Investments
  • Profitable businesses
  • Great relationships


You name it, you have it all.  All that you have ever wanted and worked hard for you’ve got it.

Would you be content with your achievements?

Will you be fulfilled?

Will you truly be happy?

Or is there is something much bigger than any of these things, you feel, you need to make you complete but you are not quite sure what it is?

Is it the acquisition of:

  • More money and richness?
  • More influence?
  • More power?
  • More fame?
  • More significance?
  • More relationships?
  • More food?
  • More clothing and shoes?

Or what exactly do you think could be missing?

Ah ha. That is the million dollar question.

The answer could be as simple as helping and serving other people that is all you need.

You certainly don’t need to have money to have great fulfillment, because is not always about money.

However, money can provide a way for us to create a much bigger impact quickly.

In life, most things are not free and if you truly want to make a meaningful impact, you would need to pay for these services.

For example, If you want to build:  orphanage

  • An educational institution
  • A homeless shelter
  • A women refuge
  • An online business school to attract young talent
  • An orphanage
  • A health center
  • An environmental body for raising awareness on the serious issues of climate change and its effects on our planet
  • A research hub dedicated to developing cures for our most  debilitating diseases such as cancer, malaria, Aids and other harmful illnesses
  • An animal protection sanctuary
  • A crime prevention program
  • A legal body that represents the voice of the voiceless and fights for justice in order to remove oppression and injustice
  • A center for eradicating global warming, pollution on land and sea especially the plastic pandemic issue and its effect on marine life and the rest of the planet
  • An organization for eradicating hunger, drought, poverty and providing clean water
  • A conservation center to preserve history, nature, listed buildings and culture
  • Initiatives to educate, inspire, and empower people to improve their lives, loved ones and their respective communities

The money has to come from somewhere.

One of the ways to acquire this money is through entrepreneurship.

This is what I am doing and I hope, it is also what you aspire to do if not already started.

The following, are the 4 outstanding rewarding ways to build and leave a lasting legacy for your self and loved ones.

#1: Top Rewarding Ways – Live a Life of Service

If you are an entrepreneur with money and have a conscious for wanting to help people, you would have created for yourself an ideal lifestyle.

A life full of purpose and meaning, dedicated to making a difference to the world and by so doing, you are more likely to achieve:

  • Fulfillment
  • Inner peace
  • Contentment and
  • True happiness

You probably heard the saying “in giving we receive so much more”.

helping each other

Material gains on their own will give you a temporary high.

After a while, you will get bored and will be looking for the next thing to make you feel complete.

By doing this, you will be stuck in a vicious cycle because what you are focusing on is just masking the emptiness by consuming things that you think will make you happy.

Remember that money is just a tool and a useful one at that when used correctly.

It gives us choices and allows us to access things that in the normal circumstances we will not able to acquire so easily.

Learn to share your:

  • Time
  • Wealth
  • Resources
  • Insights
  • Wisdom
  • Knowledge and
  • Life Experiences

You will be amazed at how fulfilling and contented your life will be.

#2: Set Your Vision For a Higher Purpose

You will have the opportunity to build and leave a lasting legacy where your name will be remembered for many generations to come.

Whatever noble cause you have that you are passionate about, you owe it to yourself to do something with it.

I would encourage you to plant the seed today as part of your life’s vision.

leave a legacy

You can set visions for both your business and personal life. Each coexisting in harmony side by side with no conflict.

Aim to build and leave a lasting legacy where people will benefit from what you have started and leave behind.

If you are able to build something whilst you are alive, you will be able to enjoy it much more and witness it with your own eyes how it will impact people’s lives.

This is priceless and of course, when you leave this world, people will continue to benefit from your great contribution.

If you, myself and every other entrepreneur new or established live our lives with these principles, can you imagine how much we can collectively achieve to make the world a better place?

Our global village is in turmoil, no doubt through the mischief of man, misuse of resources and mother nature.

We owe it to our children and the next generation to leave them something of value and substance.


#3: Contribute To The Human Race Purposefully

We have to start asking the right questions and teach our children to think differently.

This is beautifully articulated in Vishen Lakhiani’s video of MindValley featured below where he was responding to very good questions of:

How Do We Prepare Our Kids For The Future?

How Do We Contribute To The Human Race?

#4: Shift Your Mindset

Our mindset has to change and take a different view of the world we are familiar with.

No more conditioning by society’s average thinking and doing what everyone’s doing because it is the norm.

Sometimes it takes fewer extraordinary people who are willing to go the extra mile and think outside the box.

They are the people who usually make an impact in the world and contribute significantly to the human race.

… Let us aim to be:

  • Problem solvers
  • Solution finders
  • Creators
  • Contributors and
  • Facilitators of change

Not people who just like to complain and don’t do anything to change the narrative.

Take Home Message

Each one of us has the potential to do something special in our own unique ways, in order to make a difference in the world, however small or trivial it may seem to be.

Every little bit counts, never underestimate how useful and rewarding it can be to the recipients and for yourself.

We can do this right now and we certainly don’t need to wait until we become wealthy to make a difference in the world and our communities.

It starts with you and me.

Are you willing to change and adopt a different path?

If you do, know that you would have done something of tremendous value and greater benefit for humanity.

So go ahead, please …

Start planting your seed of impact and contribution today.

What are your thoughts on the rewarding ways to build and leave a lasting legacy?

Have you thought about what your contribution will be, before leaving this world?  Love to hear from you.  Please leave me a comment below.

Please do not forget to share the article with your friends. Thank you.


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