Introducing - The 21 Common 
Fatal Start-up Mistakes & How You Can 
Smartly Navigate Them With Ease

Explore the 21 Most Common 'Fatal Start-up Mistakes' to avoid on starting a Digital Business.

If you are a new, aspiring or struggling business owner then it is a must you become aware of these horrendous business mistakes before you go any further with your startup. 

These are the kind of entrepreneurial mistakes I wish the 'online experts' told me when I started my entrepreneurial journey.

They could have saved me valuable time and hard earned money, if only I knew what to do.

Thankfully... you don't have to repeat the same beginner business mistakes as I did.

Save yourself years of failure, heart-aches, wasted money and disappointments.

Learn from my blunders and uncover the uncanny solutions that helped me overcome my failures and allowed me to move forward with ease.

Once you are crystal clear on what you should 'focus on' and what to 'avoid' then... it's a whole different game from here on.

What are The 21 Common 'Fatal Start-Up Mistakes'?

The 21 Common 'Fatal Start-up Mistakes' To Avoid are a must know inside knowledge and hot tips for any new, aspiring and struggling entrepreneur. An essential guide to help you avoid the most common costly startup mistakes new and some times experienced entrepreneurs make with their businesses. If left un-checked, these mistakes, can either make or break you and even causes delay in achieving your business success.


Gain clarity on your pathway. Helps you see the bigger picture and confirm if you are on track or have lost your way in the process

Focus on what matters

Direct your energy and efforts on the things that are going to move the needle for you

Avoid the guess work

You are not doing things blindly anymore. Avoid following misguided info by the so called gurus who don't always have the best interest for the newbie   

The end game is nearer

See the end game soon. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel and breath a sigh of relief and say...finally I know I am going to make it

Save money, energy & time

Save your hard earned money, valuable time and energy because you can now focus on what matters 

Achieve your goals faster

Reach your business goals faster and get the results you hoped to have because you now know what to focus on

Get access to the The 21 Common 'Fatal Start-up Mistakes' To Avoid Now!

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Save time & money

You save hard earned money and the addictive cycle of signing up to useless programs after programs which promise the world but never deliver.
You save valuable time on the things that are actually going to deliver results for you. 
You save energy and preserve your sanity at the same time. 
You save being embarrassed or a shame that you have not made it BIG yet in the online space.

Avoid the guess work

No longer have to focus on the wrong things.
No longer have to blindly follow misguided information by the so called 'online gurus' and experts who don't have the best interest for you.
No longer have to wait years before you actually test success for your efforts.
No longer have to feel scared, lost, overwhelm and defeated because you now have a plan to help you get to your destination much quicker.
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21 common fata startup mistakes to avoid on starting a digital business by rabia haji entrepreneur friend pink

Get INSTANT Access to: 
The 21 Common 'Fatal  Start-up Mistakes' To Avoid on Starting a Digital Business

Don't forget, you get access to all these benefits:

Get crystal 'clear' on what you should direct your efforts to hep you get results faster.
Save your hard earned money, valuable time and energy because you can now focus on what matters
Reach your business goals sooner and get the RESULTS you always wanted to have, because you now know what you should be doing and what to avoid.
Help you  direct your energy to what excites you instead of what is worrying you which tend to hinder your progress to success.

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Got a Question? Here's The Answer...

Will this work for me?

Yes, this guide is written to help all kind of entrepreneurs and business owners regardless of what stage or level of experience their business is in. Every one can benefit from our timely guide. It is perfect for newbies, aspiring & struggling - blogger, online marketer, affiliate marketer, coach, freelancer, online store owner, creative and all type of entrepreneurs alike.

What exactly do you get?

You will get this 42 PDF pages publication that explicitly shares everything I have learned in my entrepreneurial journey - about the most common fatal mistakes and pitfalls, new and experienced entrepreneurs make in their digital business and how you can avoid them as a new kid on the block.  

You will be surprise to hear even the rookie entrepreneurs unfortunately make these silly un-avoidable mistakes in their business. With our guide in your hands, you will not have to.

Why are you sharing this with us?

Hi, I am Rabia, I started my digital business with a genuine desire and intention to sincerely and authentically help people. I have been there and know exactly - the frustration when you are new and struggling. Unsure of what you are doing or where you are heading, feeling lost, angry, overwhelmed, misguided, scammed, fed-up, and continuously losing hard earned money, time and life energies - without having any real results to show for. I have written this guide in the hope of helping special person just like you to avoid the very unfortunate avoidable mistakes I stupidly made.  Fortunately... with my guide at your side you don't have to suffer as I did in your entrepreneurial journey.

What is included?

Well I am making this informative 21 chapters PDF publication available to you as a one off price, not a subscription fee as many marketers would, and I am intentionally keeping it affordable so the people who need it the most can have access to it. 

I am sharing the kind of information the online marketing 'gurus' or 'experts' would not normally bother to share with you.  They are just happy to take your money, leaving you in limbo - ever so depending on their next hype of over promising products or services that don't always deliver results for you.

You will have full access to all 21 chapters in high quality PDF format: so you can learn, implement and tweak at the same time whilst you are building your business in your own time.

Each chapter is compact and up-to the point, avoiding 'fluff' and BS so you can implement the lessons quickly and get the results you want for your business. 

I realize a lot of my students and audience are busy people, may be working or studying full time, and do their business on the side - in the evenings or weekend.

I have compiled the information in an easy quickly digestible way, so you can consume and implement at your own pace.

Are there any guarantee?

Due to the nature of information products, we regret we do not offer refund. 

You will be able to instantly download the PDF report, ready for you to consume at your convenience.

We intentionally keep the cost low to ensure fair access and great value for our customers.

We believe the report is affordable and of high quality in comparison to other products you might find in the market place.

Should you have any issue with the guide, email us at and we will do our best to resolve the issue for you.

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